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The site is dedicated to (SEEING, FEELING, HEARING, TASTING, SMELLINGmaking connections, exploring them and growing in wisdom and knowledge of self through the impact that they make.  More often than not, perhaps most of our waking hours we forget, fail to see, refuse to accept that we are intricately connected to everything that is and ever will be. The illusion of separation makes for a tremendous story of drama, love, adventure, comedy, horror and in these days ~ “reality t.v.” RIGHT. Our passion is for, in and through our connections. “Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin” Mt. 6:28. Recently we have drawn into awareness the significance of our connections to young people and their connections to us. Stay tuned as we explore these connections from many different aspects.

Sample shows highlight some of the connections and how we might learn from the experiences of others and their connections. Catch our broadcasts on Blogtalkradio. We look forward to your connection.

EMOs Connections is a great place to expose your organization, business, company, products and services to others. What we do know –  is that as a result of being on EMOs Connections, you will immediately receive traffic to your site and all social media links you provide with inquiries to/for your products. Graphics will be developed to promote your show (See Samples Below) and the end product is a recorded mp3 file that you can distribute, link or share on your website. Our listening audience is local and international. Our guests have joined us from Baltimore to Los Angeles and Hayfork, California; from NY to St. Helena Islands, Madrid to Germany, Australia to London and more. Some of the shows have included:
































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Slide07Our initial show explored the implications of ADHD. Click this link to listen and comment.

Making Contact

I believe

The greatest gift

I can conceive of having

from anyone


to be seen by them,

heard by them,

to be understood


touched by them.

The greatest gift

I can give


to see, hear, understand

and to touch

another person.

When this is done

I feel

contact has been made.

–Virginia Satir