Video Pricing Information

feescalelOur fees are based upon several variables. Generally, you can rest assured with the following rates:

Video Projects $85 per hour on site (*Prices are based on a 20 mile radius of Laurel, MD. Beyond the 20 miles additional fees may apply). Anything over an hour starts the next hour. Outside of this area we will negotiate travel costs and time.

Costs are determined by several different variables:

  • Green screen and lighting setup with multiple backgrounds
  • Number of different locations for source data
  • Use of our raw footage or the addition of clients video
  • Amount of graphics needing to be created
  • Assistance with script development

We will estimate all editing and production costs prior to beginning. Providing you with a fair estimate that we will commit to is based upon the scope of the project, setup time and as much clarity as possible up front defining the final product.  Scenario: travel to location, set up, shoot 1 1/2 hours of video – $255, edit video and initial revisions to produce one (15 minute piece with minimal edit) and one (2-minute piece and one- 30-45 second piece) and provide an electronic copy of videos via drop box and on a DVD – $425. Final review with client and any additional edits 1-2 hours could add an additional $85-$255. The estimated total cost of this scenario is $500-$1,000. This is a general projection and it could be more or less. Once we are clear on what the desired product outcome is the price is agreed upon and the work begins.

Edit/Review and Payment Information: There is one edit review provided for revision and to ensure that the product is where you want it to be and a second to confirm that revisions have been made (normally this is done digitally so that you have the opportunity to review and tag any segments of concern). Payments are made in thirds. A deposit is required before starting, a second payment is made after the 1st revision has been done, and the final payment is due upon receipt of the completed project.

* Free estimates are provided on all scopes of work or projects and special rates are available to schools, churches and youth groups.  Our goal is to work with you to reduce the amount of costs and avoid any unanticipated fees or surprises.